Request for Committee Appointment

2013-14 MSBA Committees

MSBA President-Elect Phil Duran is looking for volunteers to advance the work of the MSBA by serving on one of the following committees.

Membership is limited to two committees in any one fiscal year. Use this form to express your preference for up to three committees. We will notify you within two weeks of receiving your request whether you have been selected.

Appointments will be effective July 1, 2013. Mid-year appointments will be effective the date of approval.

Current list of MSBA committees that are open for appointment:

Human Rights
Insurance for Members
Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged
Life and the Law
Mock Trial Advisory
Rules of Professional Conduct
Women in the Legal Profession


Request for Committee Appointment
Membership limited to 2 committees

Please choose 2 preferences if you want to serve on 1 committee; and 3 preferences if you want to serve on 2 committees.

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