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Vol. 55, No. 10 November/December 1998

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Ethical Walls, Migrating Lawyers, & Former Client Conflicts

The ready acceptance of ethical walls for private attorneys by some courts favors attorney mobility while risking clients' confidential information and public confidence in the legal system. Perhaps the courts should reconsider.

by Neil W. Hamilton and Kevin R. Coan

Attorney-Client Privilege and the Rule of Confidentiality

Cable television and an insatiable public appetite may have created the false impression that we have a "right" to know every titillating detail. All the more reason to be concerned about attorney-client privilege.

by Joseph L. Daly


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President's Page: Speaking Your Mind
We admire public figures who are bold enough to speak their minds -- or do we?
by Mark W. Gehan

Professional Responsibility: Deconstructing Disbarments
The 'D' word only applies to one-tenth of one percent of the practicing bar, but it still strikes a chill among lawyers.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Interstate Child Custody and Visitation
If enacted by the Minnesota Legislature, a new uniform act could help you serve clients with children in other states.
by Gerald O. Williams

Essay: Domestic Assault is Still Assault
Watch one abused woman's courtroom journey through the eyes of an assistant county attorney.
by Jack Rice


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