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Vol. 56, No. 11 December 1999

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Protecting Personal Health Information: Emerging Standards for the Information Age

How private will your medical records be under the new federal regulations? Only time will tell.

By Gordon J. Apple

Minnesota's Controlled Substances Law: A History

The street value of drugs is on the rise. So are the sentencing guidelines for both possession and sale.

By Scott G. Swanson

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President's Page: Whither ADR?
Some cases belong in court, while others are prime candidates for alternative dispute resolution. The system has not yet sorted out how to distinguish between the two.
by Wood R. Foster Jr.

Professional Responsibility: Professionalism: Two Decisions, Two Lessons
In two recent decisions, the Minnesota Supreme Court has interpreted ethical rules affecting diversity and attorney-client relationships.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Determining Child Custody Across Jurisdictions
Minnesota's new Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act may alleviate some of the frustration related to interstate custody disputes.
by Thomas W. Tuft and Valerie A. Downing

Essay: The Judge Goes to Court
Family and a sympathetic court find a way to preserve the dignity of an 82-year-old former judge.
by Earl "Red" Lyons


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