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Vol. 56, No. 2 February 1999

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Swimming Through Seaweed:
Emotional Hazards in the Practice of Law

A psychotherapist who has worked with lawyers identifies concerns familiar to all attorneys . . . and suggests ways to remain buoyant in both life and practice.

by Richard Wagner, LICSW

What's Next for Whistleblowers?

Seven major cases may have extended the scope of whistleblowing laws, although an adverse ruling by the state Court of Appeals casts those triumphs into question.

by Marshall H. Tanick

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President's Page: Another Law School?
A new MSBA committee will formulate the Bar's response to a proposed new Minnesota law school at the University of St. Thomas.
by Mark W. Gehan

Professional Responsibility: Trial Publicity: Lawyers and the Media
There's a price to be paid -- sometimes political, sometimes professional -- when ill-considered remarks to the media endanger a defendant's right to a fair trial.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: The FMLA After Five Years
Two labor / employment attorneys examine the Family Medical Leave Act from the perspective of five years and a growing body of case law.
by Mary Knoblauch and Gena Braaten

Interview: Making New Law: Bar Has New Face at Legislature
For 32 years at the state Capitol, Mike Flanagan was the MSBA. Meet Lloyd Grooms, the man who replaces the retiring Flanagan as lobbyist for the MSBA.


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