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Vol. 56, No. 6 July 1999

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1999-00 MSBA President Wood R. Foster Jr.: A Man for the Millennium

Wood Foster spent much of 1999 preparing a new legal history book with State Law Librarian Marvin Anderson. Now he's poised to lead the MSBA into the new millennium.

A Bench & Bar interview

Taming Technology: Making it Work for You

You're not alone: Many attorneys couldn't tell a RAM from a ROM if it came up to byte them. But with a little help from the MSBA, one firm learned how to save time -- and boost productivity -- by wiring into new technology.

By Mary Lahr Schier

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President's Page: Pride and Hope
Predicting the future is hard work. Shaping it is even harder.
by Wood R. Foster Jr.

Professional Responsibility:The Lawyer Discipline System: What's That?
The senior assistant director of Minnesota's Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility offers an overview of the attorney discipline process.
by Timothy M. Burke

Lawyer at Large: The Reluctant Expert
She's tops in her field, and her testimony could make all the difference at trial. Only problem is, this expert witness doesn't want to testify.
by Mark R. Miller

Essay: So You've Been Let Go: Now What?
What would you do if your job circumstances changed tomorrow? The trick is to be prepared.
by Patricia A. Comeford


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