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Vol. 56, No. 10 November 1999

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Minnesota's Longest Arm: Jurisdiction Over the Internet

"WWW" could stand for "Who Went Wrong" as the legal community scrambles to redefine territorial boundaries in the age of the Internet.

By Marshall H. Tanick

The "Blueoval" Blues: Trade Secrets and the Internet

It's bad enough when your client's trade secrets get leaked -- but if they hit the Internet, it becomes a flood.

By Jonathan Redgrave and Brian McMahon

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President's Page: The Highest Common Denominators
We need to step back occasionally to review and remind ourselves of the many things that bind us together as professionals.
by Wood R. Foster Jr.

Professional Responsibility: Withdrawing as Counsel
A number of court rules and an ethical provision all come into play when an attorney considers withdrawing as counsel of record.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Online Lawyer Directories: Do They Work?
Wondering whether Internet directories will bring in clients? The answer is a resounding "Yes!"
by Donald B. Kramer

Essay: It's Time to Get Back to the Basics
Individual lawyers may play the biggest role in restoring public confidence in lawyers and the legal system.
by William E. Cannon Jr.


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