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Vol. 56, No. 9 October 1999

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Who Qualifies? Defining "Individual with a Disability" Under the ADA

Employment discrimination law finds itself in continuing change, with confusion in some areas remaining more than a year after two Supreme Court decisions.

By Tamara Hjelle Olsen and Mark S. Mathison

Dazed and Confused: Title VII One Year After Faragher and Ellerth

Last June's Supreme Court rulings changed the legal landscape for persons with disabilities -- but the changes may be most significant for litigators.

By Jonathan Hegre and Sheila Engelmeier

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President's Page: All You Get is the Magazine
MSBA President Wood Foster assesses the real value of Bar Association membership.
by Wood R. Foster Jr.

Professional Responsibility: Professionalism: More than Civility
They bluster, they bully, and often they prevail -- but attorneys who ignore basic tenets of professionalism don't always score well with colleagues or the public.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Emotionally Intelligent Associates
It's easier to hire emotionally intelligent lawyers in the first place than it is to change the behavior of 900-pound gorillas once you've got them.
by Lawrence R. Richard


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