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Vol. 57, No.11 December 2000

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Balancing Custody Issues: Minnesota's Parenting Plan Statute

There's a kinder, gentler sheriff in town -- at least in that corner where contentious disputes involving the custody of children are settled.

By Peter V. Rother

Attorney Satisfaction High in Minnesota

Life is good here, according to a William Mitchell study that finds most attorneys satisfied with their professional lives.

By John Sonsteng

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President's Page: Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
Lawyers have the highest incidence of depression of any occupation -- but they also have a strong support structure that may lend even more support over the coming year.
by Kent A. Gernander

Professional Responsibility: Forming the Attorney-Client Relationship
Assume that a formal attorney-client relationship exists starting with that first client interview. Any other perception could lead to trouble down the line.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: The Uncertain Status of Unpublished Opinions
Published. Unpublished. You'll find clear definitions for these terms in this dictionary, but when it comes to case law, it's not quite so clear.
by John Borger and Chad Oldfather

Essay: The Pro Bono Challenge for Kids
Minnesota attorneys can make a huge difference in the lives of children by serving as guardians ad litem, says the state's chief justice.
by Chief Justice Kathleen A. Blatz


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