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Vol. 57, No. 2 February 2000

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Mentoring Programs: First Step in Keeping Associates

Your associates are bright, hard working, and great with clients -- and that keeps you up nights, worrying that some other employer will woo them away. A solid mentoring program may be one of your best retention tools.

By Susan G. Manch

Dealing with the Media in a High Profile Criminal Case

Forget the hostile opposition, ignore the intimidating judge and the difficult jury -- the scariest faces you'll face in a high-profile case may be the media. Develop your action plan now, before they pull into your driveway with a satellite uplink.

By Terrence M. Walters

The More Things Change ...

Where do you think the legal profession is headed in the 21st century? Read the perspectives of three Minnesota law school deans.

By E. Thomas Sullivan, Harry J. Haynsworth, and Ed Butterfoss

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President's Page: Out on a Limb: The Future of the Practice
What will the profession look like in 15 years? Read one perspective on what's in store for Minnesota.
by Wood R. Foster Jr.

Professional Responsibility: Professionalism: Ethics 2000: A Preview
Two years into the work of the ABA's Ethics 2000 Commission, we are beginning to see some of the recommended changes to the model rules governing attorney conduct.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Infrastructure for the Information Age
Before real-time court reporting, deposition schedules were bound by time for transcription and review. Today they are limited only by the speed of the stenographer's fingers.
by George Fremder Jr.

Essay: Rethinking Minority Recruitment and Retention
The continued economic survival of law firms may be directly dependent upon the success of those that historically have been unrepresented and underrepresented.
by Brian Keith Jackson


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