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Vol. 57, No.10 November 2000

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Information Security and the Legal Profession

Are your client files secure? Find out what your firm should be doing to protect sensitive electronic information from falling into the wrong hard drives.

By Frank P. Andreano

The Lore of Hockey in Minnesota Law

The seven-year wait ended this fall as pro hockey returned to Minnesota. The dropping of the puck may also herald the fall of the gavel with sport-related court cases.

By Marshall H. Tanick

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President's Page: The Defenders
The defender who asserts a client's innocence -- even in these days of high-profile and heinous crimes -- should not be viewed as standing in the way of justice, but as one of the players in the best search for justice we have been able to devise.
by Kent A. Gernander

Professional Responsibility: Making a Bad Situation Worse
The worst mistake for an attorney to make is to ignore the phone call or letter from the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board or from a district ethics committee investigator.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Electronic Contracting & Record-Keeping
You may have missed it last summer, but under a new federal law, one individual in Florida acquired a new home -- everything from note to mortgage -- without touching a single piece of paper. Find out what the future may hold for these new electronic contracts.
by Jennifer C. Debrow and H. Allen Blair

Essay: A View of Family Attorney Ethics
Little worthwhile service is provided by lawyers who simply spew out their client's positions, especially when they do so in the same emotional tone as the client would use, says one family law attorney who argues for a more reasoned approach.
by Ellen Dresselhuis


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