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Vol. 58, No. 2 February 2001

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Minnesota Ballot Brouhahas

Not to brag, Florida, but our state once conducted a four-month recount. Read about other Minnesota elections that found their way into court.

By Marshall H. Tanick

Pleading Punitive Damages: An Erie Dilemma

Eighth Circuit rulings on the interplay of Minnesota Stat. §549.191 and the Erie doctrine have gone unchallenged for more tha a decade. Problem is, those rulings may be wrong.

By Josh Jacobson

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President's Page: Why Not Tax Legal Services?
Gov. Ventura posed this question as part of his proposed tax reform. The Bar's president responds with 10 reasons why such a tax would hurt Minnesotans.
by Kent A. Gernander

Professional Responsibility: Accountability or Overkill: Disciplining Private Behavior
Assume that a formal attorney-client relationship exists starting with that first client interview. Any other perception could lead to trouble down the line.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Mower County License Return Program: Breaking the Cycle of Revocations
A new program helps drivers with revoked or suspended licenses regain their driving privileges and stay out of court.
by Lee A. Bjorndal

Essay: A Fair, Equal, and Isolated Judiciary
Current trends threaten to transform the state Judiciary from an independent, coequal branch of government to a bureaucratic state agency staffed by civil servants.
by the Hon. Bernard Boland


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