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Vol. 58, No. 6 July 2001

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Jarvis C. Jones: Change Master

Racial profiling. Pro se litigation. Technology. Oh, and all of the other priorities that come with the position of MSBA president. Jarvis Jones has set an ambitious agenda for his 2001-02 term.

By Amy Lindgren

Security Interests in a Contract for Deed

Amid all the buzz about revisions to Article 9 of the UCC, some observers have overlooked one aspect: changes that have become necessary to distinguish realty from personality in securitizing contracts for deed.

By Larry M. Wertheim

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President's Page: Issues Demanding Our Attention
The Bar's new president identifies three areas demanding attention by the legal profession.
by Jarvis C. Jones

Professional Responsibility: Client Security: Can We Do Even More?
If approved by the Supreme Court, the cap on claim payments by the Client Security Board would increase to $150,000 -- with no increase in attorney registration fees.
by Martin Cole

Lawyer at Large: The Statutory Pierce: New Remedy for Contractor Conversion
While some of the revisions to Section 514.02 may have constitutionally weakened the statute's criminal penalties, the revisions should still considerably benefit homeowners and subcontractors in civil actions.
by Brian H. Liebo

Essay: Rules of Statutory Construction and the Florida Election Law
Now that the presidential election dust has settled, Justice Simonett takes a second look at the Florida Supreme Court's opinion.
by John E. Simonett


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