Official Publication of the Minnesota State Bar Association

Vol. 58, No. 5 May/June 2001

Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System

Beyond the current racial profiling dialogue lies another issue that is eroding confidence in our justice system: the disproportionate number of minorities who are arrested, convicted, and imprisoned.

By Thomas L. Johnson and Cheryl Widder Heilman

Fool's Paradise: Expansion of the Minnesota Consumer Fraud Laws

Recent Minnesota appellate rulings make the state's consumer fraud laws more user-firendly for those who have been deceived. It's still not a paradise, but the evolving case law does create an environment in which relief is more readily available.

By Marshall H. Tanick

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President's Page: Highway 61 Revisited
Winona's Kent Gernander reflects on a year of accomplishments -- and commutes -- as president of the MSBA.
by Kent A. Gernander

Professional Responsibility: Ethics and the Board: The Court Draws the Line
While the Supreme Court has made it clear that opinions issued by the Lawyers Board cannot be the sole basis for professional discipline, opinions will continue to be cited when a predicate rule provision exists and is violated.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Fair Debt Collection Practices: Federal Guidelines for Third Party Collectors
Attorneys who attempt to collect on the debts of a client should remember to follow strict federal -- and state -- statutory requirements.
by Glen R. McCluskey

Essay:Early Diversion to ADR: Improving Outcomes in Family Court
Contentious and protracted family court litigation damages children and families. Alternative dispute resolution may be the answer for some.
by Susan M. Cochrane


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