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Vol. 58, No. 9 October 2001

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20 Years with the Minnesota Business Corporations Act

The limits of the Minnesota Business Corporations Act continue to be pushed by contentious parties and defined by creative courts.

By William Z. Pentelovitch and Cynthia F. Gilbertson

Electronic Check Transactions: What Law Governs?

The check is in the modem. That's good news for retailers, who no longer have to wonder if a transaction will go through, but presents new questions for consumers.

By Glen R. McCluskey

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President's Page: Pitfalls of Ethnic Profiling
Some have suggested using ethnic profiling to combat domestic terrorism by "them." The problem is, who do mean by "them"?
by Jarvis C. Jones

Professional Responsibility: Multidisciplinary Practice: Minnesota Moves Forward
Minnesota joins a small group of other states in recommending new ethics rules that would permit MDPs in some instances.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: Designed Planned Giving with the End in Mind
Gift planning advisors should design planned giving techniques for clients with the "end in mind."
by David W. Wick

Essay: Why I am a Lawyer
In an age when lawyer jokes are the rule, those entering the profession must have a firm desire to be an attorney and a steadfast willingness to accept social opprobrium.
by Joseph L. Daly


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