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Vol. 58, No. 8 September 2001

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Personal Financial Privacy: Is Your Practice Subject to Gramm-Leach Bliley?

You see it as a law firm. To the Feds, though, your practice may qualify as a financial institution subject to new privacy disclosure requirements.

By Karen L. Grandstrand

New Growth on an Old Vine: Labor-Management Relations and the NLRA

Recent decisions by the NLRB have changed the landscape for both labor and management. While many of those actions have favored labor, the winds are still blowing.

By Steven G. Rush

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President's Page: Your Bar Association!
It will be a busy year, as the MSBA focuses on four key initiatives identified by the Executive Committee in late July.
by Jarvis C. Jones

Professional Responsibility: Ethics 2001: More Proposed Changes
The ABA has proposed sweeping changes in the model rules that most states follow in crafting their ethics rules.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: RUPA is Coming: UPA-LLPs Beware
Someday your grandchildren may ask you about vinyl records, returnable pop bottles, 8-tracks, and the soon-to-be-repealed Original Partnership Act. Read about the changes taking effect next January.
by Daniel S. Kleinberger

Essay: The Emerging Tech Challenge to the Legal Profession
Technology can improve services, but only if we find ways to minimize the dangers of centralized power and retain values of service to clients and to the public.
by Richard Zorza


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