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Vol. 59, No. 4 April 2002

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Fresh Incentives to Whistle While You Work: Whistleblower Claims After the Abraham and Anderson-Johanningmeier Cases

You might advise your client to whistle a different tune in the wake of two recent Supreme Court decisions related to the state's "Whistleblower Act."

By Peter Gray and Andrew Tanick

Litigating Covenants Not to Compete

A review of Minnesota caselaw identifies factors the courts may consider in ruling on covenants not to compete.

By William Christopher Penwell

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President's Page: Tax the Lawyers!
Proposed sales taxes on legal services represent bad public policy, as well as a hardship tax levied on individual clients during their most vulnerable hour, says the Bar's president.
by Jarvis C. Jones

Professional Responsibility: Lessons for Lawyers from the Enron Debacle
A look at the failed attempts to self-regulate by the parties involved in the Enron mess -- as well as the mistakes made by accountants -- may prove instructive in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the legal profession.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: How to Prepare -- and Prevail -- Before the Supreme Court of the United States
Five months of preparation, followed by 30 minutes of intense grueling. Read ten tips gleaned from a recent Supreme Court appearance by the the U of M's general counsel.
by Mark Rotenberg

Essay: Real Estate and Economic Development: Improving the Public Subsidies Debate
Public administrators must move away from mere community "boosterism" and provide meaningful data and analysis on potential and past projects.
by Thomas A. Musil


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