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Vol. 59, No. 7 August 2002

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Removing Bias from the Minnesota Justice System

The Minnesota Supreme Court has been outspoken regarding bias in the judicial system but has yet to overturn a decision on these grounds.

By William E. Martin and Peter N. Thompson

Spendthrift Trust Rules: Should Minnesota Make Exceptions?

Spendthrift trust provisions protect trust assets from creditors virtually without exception. But powerful arguments can be made both for and against permitting attachment of these assets for child support or spousal maintenance.

By William S. Forsberg

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President's Page: A Service Profession
by Jon Duckstad

Professional Responsibility: The Role of Probation in the Disciplinary System
by Betty M. Shaw

Lawyer at Large: Anticipating and Resolving Global Disputes
by Walter J. Duffy, Jr.

Essay: Billing: Our Profession's Not So Hidden Shame
by Alan G. Greer


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