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Vol. 59, No. 3 March 2002

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In the Shade of a Tree: Analyzing the Tree-Related Legal Problem

We think that we shall never see / a potentially litigious, disaster-plan-begging, lawsuit-ripe natural wonder lovely as a tree.

By Steve Pihlaja and Lorrie Stromme

E-Discovery: Unearthing Documents Byte by Byte

"E-Discovery" can become "Eeek-Discovery" as technology extends its reach beyond traditional paper records.

By J. Robert Keena

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President's Page: Civil Rights III: Common Ground
The next civil rights frontier will seek a common ground to address non-societally sanctioned barriers to equal opportunity.
by Jarvis C. Jones

Professional Responsibility: Summary of Admonitions
The Lawyers Board's annual summary provides instruction on disciplinary issues.
by Edward J. Cleary

Lawyer at Large: When Disaster Strikes
A single stroke could wipe out all of your files and operations. An ounce of prevention could make the difference.
by Bill Busch

Essay: Switching Gears: Trading in the View from the Office
A Minnesota attorney leaves the Piper Jaffray Tower for a Peace Corps assignment in Honduras.
by Jim MacGillis


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