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Vol. 60, No. 11 December 2003

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Muting Gideon's Trumpet: Pricing the "Right to Counsel" in Minnesota Courts

Minnesota recently enacted legislation setting fees for clients who require the services of a public defender, giving rise to predictable argument and litigation regarding the right to counsel.
By Peter Erlinder

Unintended Waiver of Spousal Rights: When is a Spouse Not a Surviving Spouse?
Simplified divorce procedures, prenuptial agreements and pre-dissolution agreements are potentially the source of litigation and uncertainty in the event of one partner's untimely death.
By Susan F. Bullard


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President's Page: When a Lawyer is Shot: A Response from His Community
by James L. Baillie

Professional Responsibility: Truth or Consequences
by Martin Cole

Lawyer at Large: Tips for Federal Court III
by V. John Ella and John Wackman

Essay: Technology, Professionalism and the Business Lawyer
by William B. Payne


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