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Vol. 60, No. 6 July 2003

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James Baillie: 2003-04 MSBA President

MSBA's new president is Jim Baillie, an attorney with Fredrikson & Byron in Minneapolis and a longstanding proponent of lawyers' involvement in providing legal services to the disadvantaged.

By Amy Lindgren

Constitutional Crossfire

How much discretion should judges have to deviate from the sentencing guidelines and how far can Congress reasonably go in specifying what punishment fits a crime?

By Douglas A. Kelley

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President's Page: A Matter of Honor: Meeting the Crisis in Legal Services
by James L. Baillie

Professional Responsibility: Conflicts and Prospective Client Consultations
by Kenneth L. Jorgensen

Lawyer at Large: Conceal and Carry Rules for Minnesota Businesses
by Linda L. Hostein and Anh T. Le

Essay: Guns, Courts, and Civil Liberties
by Kari Hainey


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