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Vol. 60, No. 5 May/June 2003

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Links, Lutefish, and Litigation

Here's one to share at the country club: One golfer sued the course after being struck by a car while golfing.

By Marshall H. Tanick and Brian Dockendorf

Protecting Landlords' Rights in Bankruptcy

Landlords can make the best of a bad situation if lessors understand their rights and closely monitor bankruptcy cases to enforce those rights.

By Christopher A. Camardello

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President's Page: Maintaining Humphrey's Legacy
by Jon Duckstad

Professional Responsibility: Repeal of Homestead Lien Ethics Opinion
by Kenneth L. Jorgensen

Lawyer at Large: NASD Arbitration of Securities Disputes
by Donald R. McNeil and Frederick Ramos

Essay: A Love Story
by Lawrence Savell


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