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Vol. 60, No. 10 November 2003

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Is There Gold in Those Hills?
Shifting Contours of Unemployment Compensation Law

Unemployment compensation issues draw little attention from the legal community, but a recent uptick in layoffs and a couple Supreme Court cases have heightened concern for this unique area of practice.
By Marshall H. Tanick and Brian R. Dockendorf

Weighing Spreigl Evidence: In Search of a Standard
When is evidence of a defendant's prior bad acts appropriately admitted in evidence and when is it prejudicial? While both statute and common law attempt to clarify the issue, the authors find one aspect of the standards contradictory.
By James A. Morrow, Peter N. Thompson, and Alfred C. Holden


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President's Page: Business Law Pro Bono: Involving the Other Half of the Profession
by James L. Baillie

Professional Responsibility: Limiting Exposure to Complaints and Discipline
by Kenneth L. Jorgensen

Lawyer at Large: "Reverse" Age Discrimination: Are "Younger" Employees Protected?
by Tim Webb

Essay: In Search of a Trial: Exporting the Adversary System
by Hon. Bernard Boland


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