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Vol. 61, No. 3 March 2004

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The Ostrich Defense: Internet Scams
in Consumer Credit Collection

Much like the proverbial ostrich, some unscrupulous debtors respond to collection actions by trying to bury their heads in the sand or worse! Here are some tips and strategies for identifying and responding to such scams.
By Michael D. Johnson

Should Judges Get Out of Redistricting?
Legislative redistricting is an inherently political activity. In contrast, judges commit to political neutrality in their decision-making process. When judges become involved in redistricting, the challenge is to ensure the process is both actually fair and perceived as fair.
By Hon. Thomas J. Kalitowski and Elizabeth M. Brama


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President's Page:
Strengthening Our Presence
in the Legislature

by James L. Baillie

Professional Responsibility: Integrity: That Initial Compromise
by Kenneth L. Jorgensen

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Writer's Corner:
Use and Argue the Case Law

by Kenneth R. Swift

Split in the Circuit:
Breaking up the Eighth

by Marshall H. Tanick


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