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Vol. 62, No. 2 February 2005

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“If the Suit Fits –”
Implied Causes of Action in Minnesota
Enterprising attorneys may occasionally convince a court that a civil cause of action is implied in the language of a statute that does not otherwise provide one, but experience suggests the “fit” of such a new suit is often less than exact.
By Marshall H. Tanick

Confidentiality in Chambers:
Is Private Judicial Action the Public’s Business?

Judges in chambers may act in a manner they would not display in open court.  How confident can they or should they be that information about their decision-making process will not become the basis for an appeal?
By Peter N. Thompson


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by David Stowman

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When a Friend or Relative Pays the Client’s Legal Fee
by Kenneth L. Jorgensen

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Diversity Makes Cents: The Business Case for Diversity
by Roy Ginsburg


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