Vol. 66, No. 5 May/June 2009

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The Price of Admission: Liability and Responsibility for Nursing Home Expenses
Caring for elderly relatives and clients has numerous costs, both financial and otherwise, but liability for another’s nursing home expenses isn’t a burden everyone needs to assume.  How you handle the nursing home admission agreement can make a significant difference in determining who’s responsible and what options the parties retain.
By Susan T. Peterson

Judging Without Lawyers: Not Knowing Makes for Nightmares
Judges want more than anything to make the right decision in the case before them but can’t be comfortable with their decision unless they can be confident they have all relevant information.  Here’s where lawyers’ contribution to justice proves invaluable.
By Judge Jay Quam

Revisions to the Criminal Rules: A Plainspoken Legacy
Perceiving that Minnesota’s Criminal Rules were in some cases virtually incomprehensible, the advisory committee has proposed the first comprehensive revision in many years. Stylistic revisions and streamlining seek to make the Rules more user-friendly, while every effort has been made to ensure that no substantive changes are made without due deliberation.
By Justice Paul Anderson





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