Vol. 66, No. 10 November 2009


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Social Networking Sites: The Next E-Discovery Frontier
Burgeoning growth of online social networking has created a huge repository of information about individuals and organizations that attorneys may find useful in litigation.  By the same token, those who frequent social networking sites should be circumspect about what information they share and how broadly they define their circle of “friends.”
By Shannon Awsumb

Business Unusual: What’s Needed to Own a Business Method?
The United States Supreme Court will soon consider In re Bilski, a patent case whose outcome may substantially erode the basis for both existing and future business method patents.  If the Court affirms current law, business method inventions may remain remain patentable but only if tied to a machine or effecting transformation of a particular article into a different state or thing.
By Tony Zeuli, Scott Oslick, and Josh Graham

The Moving Target of Misconduct: Hot Heads, Single Incidents, and Overall Conduct
Unemployment compensation claimants who were discharged for isolated incidents of misconduct have had mixed success before the courts over the years, not least because the controlling doctrine, alternately articulated in case law and in statute, continues to evolve.
By Marshall H. Tanick





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