Vol. 67, No. 2 February 2010

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A Perfect Storm: Credit-Card Litigation Climate Changes
Recent amendments to the Truth in Lending Act, coupled with challenges to mandatory arbitration clauses and a litigation climate that favors consumer protection actions may lead to an increase in class actions and individual claims of statutory violations involving consumer credit-card agreements.
by Nell E. Mathews

“Materially Limited” Conflicts: Learning by Example
Most lawyers readily understand conflicts wherein they are directly adverse to another party, but they may be uncertain where their own interests or responsibilities to another person “materially limit” their representation of a client.  Because lawyers owe their clients independent professional judgment, they should identify and weigh any limits of their representation.
By William J. Wernz

Collaborative Law: Not Just for Family Lawyers
Originating in Minnesota nearly 20 years ago, collaborative law has grown from its origins in family law practice and taken root in other professions as well as other areas of law practice throughout the world.  A uniform act now before the Minnesota Legislature would establish statutory guidelines for the collaborative process.
By Gregory R. Solum

White Paper On Proposed Constitutional Amendment Concerning Judicial Selection, Retention, and Evaluation
A strong tradition of judicial independence is a key difference between societies thatare sincerely committed to the rule of law and those that view the judiciary as onemore tool to be manipulated for the benefit of vested economic and political interests.It should never be taken for granted.
By The Minnesota State Bar Association
And The Coalition For Impartial Justice



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