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Diversity in the Legal Profession: Next Steps, ABA, 2010
Diversity and Gender Equity in the Legal Profession: Best Practices Guide:
The 2006 Report of the Task Force on Diversity in the Profession is available at:
Link to SAGE Best Practices:
Link to SAGE Survey of Private Law Firms 1995-2000:
Link to SAGE Survey of Public Employers 1997-1999:
Here is the link to read the executive summary of the ABA's recent study on women of color in law firms:
There is also a good article from the August 2006 ABA Journal about that study:
This is an interesting article about tying diversity goals to partners' compensation in firms:
An ABA report on the status of women in the legal profession:
From the Star Tribune business section: a column on recruiting and retaining minority executives:
Link to a research report on which diversity programs work:
Best Practices or Best Guesses? Assessing the Efficay of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies
Link to a recent summary piece the article's authors prepared for a sociology magazine:
Diversity Management in Corporate America
Link to an article about their research from Time magazine:
The Diversity Delusion. Training execs to overcome their biases doesn't help minorities and women join their ranks
Why Are Minority Female Associates Leaving Law Firms?
Commentary: How Good Intentions for DiversityFall Shor