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MSBA Insurance for Members Committee
2000-01 Annual Report

The Insurance for Members Committee (the "Committee") remained very active in 2000-2001. The Committee increased the group insurance options for the MSBA membership as well as increasing awareness to our existing products. Over the past year the Committee completed the following projects:

1.) The Committee approved an aggressive MSBA Group Term Life marketing plan. These internal marketing campaign tactics are designed to supplement the ongoing external marketing efforts provided by Seabury & Smith (S&S).

2.) An MSBA Insure web site (, designed and administered by S&S, was launched. It explains the details of the insurance offerings provided by the MSBA and how they are a valuable benefit to members. Other information includes insurance articles, frequently asked questions, and an application that can be downloaded. This web page can be accessed in several locations throughout the MSBA Web page and allows the browser to go directly back to the MSBA Web page easily

3.) The committee approved Catastrophe and Personal Lines insurance plans. The MSBA Board of Governors (BOG) subsequently approved the recommendation.

Each of the carriers and insurance programs fit within the guidelines
of the MSBA Insurance Program Endorsement criteria.

4.) Dental Insurance, workers compensation, and business owners insurance plans were identified on the survey of our membership conducted last year as insurance plans members were interested in. At the last committee meeting a Business Owners/Workers Compensation insurance plan, provided by The Hartford Insurance Company, was approved. The MSBA BOG will review this recommendation at its fall 2001 meeting.

5.) The committee focused on recommending insurance programs that satisfy the needs of all MSBA members including, but not limited to, Seniors, Solo & Small Firm practitioners, groups large and small and individuals. This 'one-stop-shop' concept allows the MSBA to provide a valuable program for all MSBA members

6.) The Committee continued to work with Seabury & Smith on the marketing and management of the existing programs: BC/BS medical-group and individual, disability, long term care, group office overhead expense plan, and group term life. The long-term care plan is steadily increasing the number of policies written and individuals satisfied. Newman Financial will continue to work closely with S&S to market this insurance plan to MSBA members/firms.

7.) A local point of contact (along with a local '612' phone number) has been added for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) customer service/sales issues. This S&S office is in direct communication with the MSBA and S&S working to compliment the marketing and communication provided. This office also presents an opportunity to cross-sell/market other programs to MSBA members calling in with medical insurance questions.

8.) The Committee directed Seabury & Smith to be a visible participant at the 2000 MSBA Annual Convention. S&S had a booth at the trade show, hosted the Spousal luncheon (featuring Long Term Care plan information), and conducted part of the Retirement/Long Term Care mini convention. The committee had its June meeting at the convention.

Should anyone have any questions concerning the Committee, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Michael Bradley,

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