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Citizens Commission for the Preservation of an Impartial Judicial
("Quie" Commission)

American Bar Association

American Judicature Society

Brennan Center for Justice: Judicial Independence Series

Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc.

Committee for Economic Development: Judicial Selection Reform

The Constitution Project: A bipartisan nonprofit organization that seeks consensus on controversial legal and constitutional issues through a unique combination of scholarship and activism. (Georgetown University)

Creeds for Integrity and Professionalism in Judicial Elections (Dallas Bar Association)

Judicial Elections - the sensible middle path that the Supreme Court missed by Akhil Reed Amar and Vikram David Amar (FindLaw Forum)

Justice at Stake Campaign: A National Partnership Working for Fair and Impartial Courts
Loyola Law School: National Summit on Improving Judicial Selection Call to Action (Link to articles printed in Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review - June 2001)
Messerli & Kramer: Comparison of Judicial Election/Selection Systems Compiled by Sandy Neren
Minnesota Code of Judicial Conduct
Minnesota League of Women Voters
Minnesota State Bar Association: Report on the 2002 Minnesota Judicial Elections

National Center for State Courts - A Summit on Judicial Election Reform
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