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2013 - 2014 Minutes

  • Minnesota State Bar Association
    Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged Committee

    November 5, 2013

    Present:               Janine Laird and Sally Silk (co-chairs), Jean Lastine, Jim Baillie, Pam Wandzel, Kate Graham, Carol Bros, Gary Hird, Nathan Marcusen, Ellie Krug, Sara Sommarstrom, Cathy Haukedahl, Steve Marchese (MSBA staff)
    By Telephone:   Graciela Gonzalez, Beverly Heydinger, Sara Schwebs, Anna Beadle, Dori Streit

    • Introductions
    • September minutes – accepted
    • Comments from MSBA President Phil Duran
    • Program presentation: Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans - Sara Sommarstrom
    • Subcommittee Reports
      • Pro Bono Council (Steve Marchese)
        • Pro Bono Week 2013 – successful Integrating Pro Bono CLE, many events statewide, service opportunities and trainings
      • Law School Initiative (Janine Laird)
        • Looking at MJF 2020 Summit results
      • IOLTA (Cathy Haukedahl)
        • Still working on relationship with banks
        • Letter introducing Prime Partner program to IOLTA banks to be sent by end of year. Hope to launch with announcement and advertising after the first of the year with participating banks.
      • Cy Pres (Sue Pontinen)
        • Proposal being vetted through various sections. Judiciary Committee was vetting it before going to Assembly for final approval in December 2012.
        • Subcommittee members worked on talking points to address concerns raised at Judiciary Committee. Members are meeting with stakeholders from MSBF and Judiciary Committee to discuss. More activity will take place on this initiative with a goal of submitting proposal to Assembly for April 2014 meeting.
      • Civil Gideon (Sally silk)
        • Organizing educational campaign through CLEs with Family Law and Admin Law sections.  Working with new law student assistance on updated program
    • Discussion
      • New LAD initiatives
        • Committee agreed to form two new subcommittees.  Volunteers sought.
          • LAD History
          • Emeritus/In House Counsel Rule Promotion
        • Judiciary Subcommittee still in formation – Bridget Gernander has contacted subcommittee members. LAD co-chairs are working with Bridget to recruit members of judiciary to participate
      • Principles and Standards for Civil Legal Aid Delivery
        • MSBA policy passed by Assembly in June 2006 in support of ABA resolution before House of Delegates in August 2006.
        • Policy adopts principles for statewide service delivery, as well as self-assessment tool.  Has been used as part of grant making and review process by Court’s Legal Services Advisory Committee.
        • Policy expired after 6 years and needs to be renewed.
          • MOTION APPROVED – LAD Committee requests Assembly to re-adopt previous policy.  LAD co-chairs authorized to work with staff on drafting final report and recommendation for review by General Policy Committee and Assembly at December meeting.
    • Updates
      • Access to Justice Staffing (Steve Marchese)
        • Final round of interviews for Access to Justice Director Position taking place this week with expectation of final offer shortly to candidate.
      • ATJ Messaging Updated (Steve Marchese)
        • Messaging subcommittee met with participants from 2011 ATJ Summit to discuss work with consultants and suggested messaging concepts.
        • Subcommittee working on integrating suggestions into more formal effort to build financial resources for legal services.  More to follow in coming months.


    • Next meeting: January 7, 2014

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