Assembly Member Responsibilities



Participate in Meetings

Meeting dates have been set for the entire year:  Friday, September 11; Friday, December 11; Thursday, April 29; and Friday, June 25.  Reminder notices will be sent via email 30 days prior to each meeting and will include anticipated agenda items.  A detailed agenda and supporting materials will be posted on the MSBA website as soon as they are available. 

Section 4.8  Attendance at meetings.  If a Voting Representative does not attend two consecutive Assembly meetings and if an Alternate Representative has not substituted for the Voting Representative at the two consecutively missed meetings, then the Voting Representative shall no longer be on the Assembly and the entity that selected the Voting Representative shall select a substitute Voting Representative to serve in the Assembly for the remaining term of the removed Voting Representative.  A Voting Representative that has been removed from the Assembly in this manner shall not again be selected by any entity to serve in the Assembly for at least one year after removal. 


As a member of the Assembly, you are a leader of the Bar.  It is expected that Bar leaders will attend a variety of Bar meetings including the Bar Leader Conference in September and Nine Days in June.  At different times throughout the year the MSBA may sponsor a dinner or other special events, such as recognition of a retiring judge.  Attendance at these events by members of the Assembly is helpful to the event and demonstrates the commitment of the MSBA. 


Service on MSBA Committees

As a member of the Assembly, it is expected that you will serve on one of the Assembly committees – Operations, Governance, Legislative, General Policy, or Elections/ Appointments.  The president will appoint members to serve on each of these committees.  In addition, you are encouraged to serve on a committee of the Association.  This service promotes communication between the Assembly and the committees. 


Maintain Relations with Your District, Section or Affiliated Organization

Assembly members are elected by districts, sections and affiliated organizations.  You serve an important dual role of representing the organization which elected you and of representing the MSBA.  Regular communication is essential to accomplish this.  If an affiliated organization, section or district bar association has an issue it wants communicated to the MSBA, you should ask for time on a meeting agenda.  You should also schedule time on the agenda of the affiliated organization, section or district bar meeting to discuss the work of the MSBA. 


Promote Member Relations

The MSBA is a volunteer membership organization that relies on its leadership to promote the value of membership to lawyers.  You should become familiar with the benefits of membership in the Association and regularly communicate those benefits to lawyers throughout the state.  Assembly members should also serve as a source of information to the Association regarding the needs of members.  You should regularly solicit ideas for services that the Association could provide to the lawyers of Minnesota and should help to evaluate current programs of the Association. 


Communicate with Outside Organizations

As an elected leader of the MSBA, you are responsible for communicating the Association’s message with many non-lawyer groups.  Each year, the MSBA selects one or two messages to emphasize in public communications.  You should be familiar with these messages and seek out opportunities to communicate these messages to the public. 


Recommend Qualified Volunteers

Each year the MSBA creates a number of new committees and elects members to outside boards.  One very important role for you as a member of the Assembly is to recommend qualified candidates for these positions and to evaluate the performance of nominees.