Minnesota State Bar Association

Governance Committee

Report and Recommendation Regarding Section Bylaw Amendments

March 15, 2010


No recommendation presented herein represents the policy of the Minnesota State Bar Association until it shall have been approved by the Assembly. Informational reports, comments, and supporting data are not approved by their acceptance for filing and do not become part of the policy of the Minnesota State Bar Association unless specifically approved by the Assembly.




Resolved that the Governance Committee recommends Assembly approval of proposed Bylaw amendments to the following section bylaws:


Family Law Section

New Lawyers Section

Civil Litigation Section

Bankruptcy Law Section

Probate and Trust Law Section

Labor and Employment Law Section




MSBA Bylaws Section 10.3 requires Assembly approval before any amendments in section bylaws can become effective.


The above named sections requested approval of amendments to their Bylaws.  The Governance Committee’s Subcommittee on Section Bylaws reviewed the proposed amendments and as well as the full text of the section’s bylaws.  In some cases, the subcommittee identified useful changes and in other cases, required changes.  The sections reviewed and acted on the recommendations of the Bylaw Subcommittee.  The Governance Committee reviewed the recommendations of the sections and its Section Bylaws Subcommittee and recommends the Assembly approve the requests of the sections for approval of the amended Bylaws.


Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Finch, Chair

Governance Committee