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The Assembly is the larger of the two governing bodies. The Assembly is responsible for development of all MSBA policy and for all business conducted by the MSBA. Within the meaning of the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Assembly is the board of directors and has the powers and functions of such board.

The Assembly has five committees to monitor, research, and develop proposals in various areas, including: Elections/Appointments, General Policy, Governance, Legislative Policy, and Operations.

The Assembly has 126 positions, made up of the following:

  • 15 members of the council (which includes four officers)
  • 46 representatives from district bar associations
  • 14 representatives from affiliated minority bar associations
  • 7 representatives from affiliated organizations
  • 34 representatives from sections
  • 10 representatives from appellate courts, law schools, Minnesota CLE, and the ABA delegation

The Assembly will meet at least four times each bar year. Notice of meetings and the reason for each meeting will be available 30 days prior to each meeting. Groups wanting to place an item on the Assembly agenda must submit that item to the MSBA staff approximately 45 days prior to each meeting. Specific dates are available on the MSBA Master Calendar.

2008-09 Assembly

For current address listings, visit the
MSBA's online membership directory

Mr Michael J Ford, President, St Cloud
Mr Leo I Brisbois, President-Elect, Minneapolis
Mr Terrance W Votel, Treasurer, St Paul
Mr Aaron F Biber, Secretary, Minneapolis
Judge Edward J Cleary, St Paul
Ms Angel E A Daher, Minneapolis
Ms Erika N Donner, Minneapolis
Ms Dyan J Ebert, St Cloud
Ms Margaret K Erickson, Worthington
Hon Lorie S Gildea, Minneapolis
Ms Lisa Montpetit Brabbit, Minneapolis
Judge George W Perez, St Paul
Judge Kathleen H Sanberg, St Paul
Ms Mary S Ward, St Paul

District 1 Voting Representatives
Mr Michael E Molenda, Apple Valley
Ms Jori L Whitehead, Burnsville

RCBA Voting Representatives
Judge John H Guthmann, St Paul
Mr Richard H Kyle Jr, St Paul
Mr Eric D Larson, St Paul
Ms Jessie Ree Nicholson, St Paul
Judge Elena L Ostby, St Paul
Mr James E Speckmann, Shoreview

District 3 Voting Representative
Mr Charles P Brumbach, Rochester

HCBA Voting Representatives
Mr Thomas J Conlin, Minneapolis
Mr Craig T Dokken, Maple Grove
Mr John M Dornik, Minneapolis
Ms Marlene S Garvis, Lake Elmo
Ms Christa J Groshek, Minneapolis
Ms Nancy J Kleeman, Minneapolis
Mr Jeremy  Lane, Minneapolis
Ms Sonia Miller-Van Oort, Minneapolis
Mr Richard A Nelson, Minneapolis
Judge James D Rogers, Minnetonka
Ms Nena F Street, Minneapolis
Mr Brent E Routman, Minneapolis
Mr Bradley C Thorsen, Minneapolis
Mr Thomas W Tinkham, Minneapolis
Mr Phillip J Trobaugh, Minneapolis
Mr Michael W Unger, Minneapolis
Ms Courtney E Ward-Reichard, Minneapolis

District 5 Voting Representative
Ms Ann B Barker, Owatonna

District 6 Voting Representative
Mr Jason C Kohlmeyer, North Mankato

District 7 Voting Representatives
Ms Brigid M Fitzgerald, Little Falls
Ms Kristi D Stanislawski, St Cloud

District 8 Voting Representative
Mr Paul Onkka, Shakopee

District 9 Voting Representative
Mr Joel Alan Solie, Redwood Falls

District 10 Voting Representative
Mr Gary M Hird, St Paul

District 11 Voting Representative
Mr Timothy J Helgesen, Duluth

District 12 Voting Representative
Mr David C Moody, Willmar

District 13 Voting Representative
Mr Andrew M Titus, Worthington

District 14 Voting Representative
Mr Kevin T Duffy, Thief River Falls
Ms Mary Ellen Seaworth, Grand Forks

District 15 Voting Representative
Mr Robert F Enger, Bemidji

District 16 Voting Representative
Mr Michael J McCartney, Breckenridge

District 17 Voting Representative
Mr Michael D Johnson, Blue Earth

District 18 Voting Representative
Mr Arden J Fritz, Elk River

District 19 Voting Representative
Ms Jennifer A Nodes, Stillwater

District 20 (Range) Voting Representative
Mr Bryan M Lindsay, Chisholm

District 21 Voting Representative
Judge Jonathan N Jasper, Buffalo

MN Women Lawyers Voting Representatives
Ms Daniel'la P Deering, St Paul
Ms Kari Jensen Thomas, Minneapolis

MN Black Women Lawyers Network Representatives
Ms Martha  Holton Dimick, Minneapolis
Ms Lateesa T Ward, Minneapolis

MN Hispanic Bar Voting Representatives
Ms Caroline M Terrio, St Paul
Ms Carolina A Lamas, St Paul

MN Lavender Bar Voting Representative
Ms Melissa J Houghtaling, Minneapolis
Ms Kelly L Olmstead, Minneapolis

NAPABA Voting Representatives
Judge Susan N Burke, Minneapolis
Mr Daniel S Le, Minnetonka

MN County Attorneys Voting Representative
Mr G Paul Beaumaster, Faribault

MN Defense Lawyers Voting Representative
Mr Richard J Thomas, Arden Hills

MN District Judges Voting Representative
Judge Susan Rester Miles, Stillwater

MIPLA Voting Representative
Ms Alicia G Mills, Lino Lakes

MN Association for Justice Representative
Mr Paul D Peterson, Woodbury

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Voting Representative
Ms Nathalie S Rabuse, Minneapolis

Supreme Court Voting Representative
Justice Lorie S Gildea, Minneapolis

Court of Appeals Voting Representative
Hon Edward  Toussaint Jr, St Paul

Hamline Law School Voting Representative
Mr Donald M Lewis, Minneapolis

U of M Law School Voting Representative
Mr David  Wippman, Minneapolis

St Thomas School of Law Voting Representative
Dean Thomas M Mengler, Minneapolis

William Mitchell College of Law Voting Representative
Dean Eric S Janus, St Paul

ABA Delegate Representative
Mr Frederick E Finch, Minneapolis
Ms Mary D Schneider, Moorhead

Past President
Mr Brian Melendez, Minneapolis

Minnesota CLE Board Chair
Ms Hildy M Bowbeer, St Paul

Administrative Law Representative
Mr David A Schultz, St Paul

ADR Representative
Mr David A Allgeyer, Minneapolis

Agricultural Law Representative
Mr Jeffrey A Streiffer, St Paul

Animal Law Voting Representative
Ms Vicki M McIntyre, Minneapolis

Antitrust Law Voting Representative
Mr Mark A Jacobson, Minneapolis

Appellate Practice Voting Representative
Mr Charles F Webber, Minneapolis

Art & Entertainment Representative
Mr Kevin M Lindsey, Minneapolis

Bankruptcy Voting Representative
Ms Mary Jo A Jensen-Carter, White Bear Lake

Business Law Voting Representative
Mr C Robert Beattie III, Minneapolis

Childrens Law Voting Representative
Ms Sherri D Hawley, Coon Rapids

Civil Litigation Voting Representative
Ms Jan M Conlin, Minneapolis

Communications Voting Representative
Mr Anthony S Mendoza, St Paul

Computer Law Voting Representative
Mr Damien A Riehl, Minneapolis

Construction Law Voting Representative
Ms Dyanna L Street, Minneapolis

Criminal Law Voting Representative
Ms Julie Loftus Nelson, Minneapolis

Elder Law Voting Representative
Ms Jennifer L Wright, Minneapolis

Employee Benefits Voting Representative
Ms Jude Anne Carluccio, Minneapolis

Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Voting Representative
Mr Thaddeus R Lightfoot, Minneapolis

Family Law Voting Representative
Ms Cheryl M Prince, Duluth

Health Law Voting Representative
Ms Mary E Prentnieks, Minnetonka

Immigration Voting Representative
Mr Craig J Peterson, Minneapolis

International Business Voting Representative
Mr Gaylen L Knack, Minneapolis

Labor & Employment Voting Representative
Mr Thomas R Trachsel, Minneapolis

New Lawyers Voting Representative
Mr Daniel J Gilchrist, Minneapolis

Practice Management Voting Representative
Mr Ulric C Scott III, Minneapolis

Probate & Trust Voting Representative
Mr Thomas H Rauenhorst, Minneapolis

Public Law Voting Representative
Judge Diane R Alshouse, St Paul

Public Utilities Voting Representative
Mr Thomas Erik Bailey, Minneapolis

Real Property Voting Representative
Mr Charles D Hoyum, Minneapolis

Tax Law Voting Representative
Mr Patrick J Butler, Minneapolis



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