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Technology User’s Guide

The following equipment and software are available for events held in the Presidents and Honors Rooms:
PC with Internet access, PowerPoint, and USB device port;
LCD projector and screen;
Video connection for a notebook; and
Audio conference equipment, which allows members to participate offsite. 
Audio conferencing capability and LCD projector and screen are also available in the Board Room.

To quickly exchange information with member subscribers, many sections, committees, and programs have online discussion groups.  MSBA staff can create new listserves when needed.

Web Sites
Sections, committees, and many programs have web sites.  Staff can assist these groups in setting and achieving goals to enhance them.   

Online Event Registration
MSBA members may register and pay for events online.  When members register online, their registration is automatically entered into the MSBA’s database; members receive a confirmation of the registration, which they can use to track their CLE credits obtained through the MSBA.

Online Address and Other Contact Data Changes
Members may update their contact data online at www.mnbar.org/asp/addresschange/.  Although the changes entered by members are not automatically entered into the MSBA’s database, it is a convenient way for members to communicate these changes to MSBA staff. 

Technology Available through Vendors
MSBA staff can obtain a quote for you for any of the following areas:
CD Duplication:  Documents can be copied to CD and provided to members.  As an example, for their council members’ convenience, sections may elect to store minutes from prior fiscal years as well as their bylaws on CD. 
Web Casting:  This technology provides offsite participants the capability of listening to a presentation, participating online or by telephone in the discussion, and viewing the same materials (e.g. handouts and PowerPoint presentations) that onsite participants are viewing. 
Video Conferencing:  This technology is generally a live two-way transmission of an event. 
Videotaping or Audio Taping:  Sections, committees, and programs may want to videotape and/or record audio of an event and post it online. 

Wireless Connectivity
A few members have inquired about the availability of wireless connectivity when they are in the MSBA conference area.  This capability is now available to members. 

Other Areas
If you have suggestions for technology that the MSBA should consider purchasing or questions about the information noted above, please contact Mike Trittipo, 612.278.6339 or Denise Plachecki, 612.278.6332.

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