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Section Officers

2013-14 Section Council:

  • Dan Simon - Past Chair
    Twin Cities Mediation
    (651) 699-5000



ADR Section Representatives

The ADR Section bylaws provide for five Council Representatives:

  • The ADR Legislation Representatives - Sharon Press and Cassandra Brown
    • shall preside over meetings of the Legislative Committee of the Section, serve as the Committee's spokesperson at meetings of the Section and of the Executive Council, serve as the Section's principal spokesperson to the MSBA Legislative Committee, and monitor and report any proposed or new legislation affecting ADR.
  • The ADR Publications Representatives - Steve Schemenauer and Allan Witz
    • shall preside over all meetings of the Publications Committee of the Section, be responsible for the Section's website and listserv, and oversee the publication of other written communications of the Section
  • The Community ADR Representatives - Louis Robards and Jeanne Zimmer

  • The Commercial and Employment ADR Representatives - Greg Bistram and Bill Hull
  • The Family ADR Representatives - Marilyn McKnight and Nikki Keirnes
    • The Community, Commercial and Employment, and Family ADR Representatives shall preside over meetings of their respective Committees of the Section, serve as their Committee's principal spokesperson at meetings of the Section and Executive Council, annually plan at least one continuing education program related to their respective area of ADR, and advise the Section and Council of developments in their respective area.


MSBA Liaison:
Jennifer Carter
(612) 278-6309



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