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Volume XV | Issue 1



Greetings from the Chair

Greetings New Lawyers!
By Samuel Edmunds

The new bar year holds a great deal of promise. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve Minnesota's new lawyers as Chair of the New Lawyers Section. In this brief message, I'd like to let section members know about the events and activities that we have in the works for the year. Read more...


Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls In Attorney Advertising
By Angie Hoppe

Whether through television commercials, radio advertisements or billboards, most people have been exposed to some form of advertisement by a lawyer. With attorneys facing the same difficult economy as the rest of the nation, this type of advertising may become increasingly common as attorneys strive to increase their client base. Read more...

Fixed Percentage Option Offers An Uncomplicated Alternative To Otherwise Potentially Complicated Settlements Involving Medical Liens
By Margaret Jennings Meier

Negotiating personal injury settlements in cases involving persons who receive medical assistance through Medicare and/or Medicaid can be complicated. Recently, Medicare implemented the Fixed Percentage Option (“FPO”) that helps to abrogate some of the complication for settlements under $5,000. This article will briefly discuss Medicare’s right of reimbursement and mandatory reporting requirements. Then, with that background in mind, the article will explain the FPO and provide practical considerations for practitioners utilizing this option. Read more...

Is Your Reputation Your Most Valuable Asset?
By Kathleen Tomlinson

While at work the other day, it occurred to me how important an attorney’s reputation is to his or her practice of law. I considered the effect an attorney’s reputation has on interactions with other lawyers, the court, clients as well as with other professionals. I concluded that out of all of the assets an attorney possesses, reputation, is one of the most valuable assets. If squandered, it is also the most difficult to recover. Like so many things, an attorney’s reputation is multifaceted. Read more...

By Adam T. Johnson

In Part One of this article (Hearsay, Vol. 14, No. 1), the reader was presented with a basic idea of what it means to commit a DWI crime under the “physical control” specimen of the DWI statutes. The author hopes the reader did not test law enforcement by engaging in conduct arguably on the border. If Part Two offers anything besides more words, it is a lesson that the courts can go either way on the issue, and that it is best not to test the law with one’s livelihood on arguable facts. We pick up then, where last we left: Mr. Frederickson finally has his gloss on Pazderski. Read more...

Hearsay Editors:

Christina M. Weber

Munazza Humayun


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