Volume XVI | Issue 1



Note from the Editors

By Joe Bourne and Jeff Mulder

Welcome to the Fall 2013 edition of Hearsay.  We at Hearsay are excited about this issue and the year ahead for the Minnesota bar.  Hearsay is dedicated to publishing the work of Minnesota’s new lawyers.  In this issue you will find articles about mediation confidentiality, the new Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and General Practice, and practice pointers for new lawyers.  If you are interested in submitting to a future edition of Hearsay, please contact Joe Bourne or Jeff Mulder.

Greetings from the Chair

Greetings New Lawyers!
By Margaret Jennings Meier

Eleanor Roosevelt said “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” As we enter the new bar year, I am excited about the new ideas and plans for the section that will build upon our successes in the past year. Read more...


Five Amendments to the Minnesota Rules that Will Affect Your Practice
By Adam C. Matheson

In February of this year, the Minnesota Supreme Court adopted amendments to the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and the Minnesota General Rules of Practice for the District Courts. These amendments are applicable to any civil case filed in Minnesota District Court after July 1, 2013. Read more...

The Intricacies of Mediation Confidentiality
By Brandon Schwartz

Mediation is one of the alternative dispute resolution avenues used to reach a settlement and is generally thought to be a process that is cost-effective, time saving, and confidential. Often times, the confidentiality of, participation in, offers made, and settlement terms reached during mediation are requisites for one or both of the parties’ participation in mediation. More often than not, a mediated settlement agreement constitutes the end of the dispute and the parties happily, or equally unhappily, go their respective ways in accordance with the resolution reached through mediation. Read more...

Looking Back on the First Couple of Years of Practice
By Letty M-S Van Ert

I have been practicing law for five years— half a decade—and I admit it is not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. However, I have gleaned a little wisdom these past few years, and there are some things I wish I had known at the very beginning of my career. Read more...

Strategies for the New Discovery Rules
By Jennifer Young

Effective July 1, 2013, cases filed in Minnesota State Court must comply with a new set of discovery rules. The rule changes are designed to streamline litigation, making it more efficient and cost effective. Read more...

Hearsay Editors:

Joe Bourne

Jeff Mulder

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