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Welcome to the New Lawyers Section (NLS) Liaisons Page!

What is a NLS Liaison?

Article IX of the NLS Bylaws provides that NLS "shall actively seek a liaison with each committee and other section within the Association [MSBA], and shall ask that any such liaison participate on the executive or other governing board or in the highest representative or deliberative assembly of that committee or section."

What this means is that NLS nominates, then appoints Liaisons to all the various other committees and sections in the bar association, and asks those committees and sections to make the NLS Liaison part of the leadership of the committee or section.

What are the benefits of being an NLS Liaison?

There are several benefits to being a Liaison. Among the benefits:

  • You get involved in the New Lawyers Section and another section or committee of the bar association.
  • You provide updates or reports to your fellow new lawyers as to the developments in your section or committee, making you look like someone "in the know."
  • You are involved in the leadership of another section or committee, leading the direction of that committee.
  • You have a better opportunity to network with other leading practitioners and active bar members.
  • It is a relatively painless way to show senior partners you are marketing yourself.

What are the time commitment and responsibilites of being an NLS Liaison?

Time commitment is zero to four hours per month, on average.

The NLS Liaison will be expected to stay abreast of developments of the other section or committee and attend meetings of the other section or committee, then provide updates to the NLS, by attending NLS business meetings monthly or providing email reports to the NLS chair.

Many times, the Liaison will have no news on the section for which he is a Liaison, so there will be no section meeting to attend, and if the Liaison cannot attend the NLS business meeting, the report will simply be an email to the NLS Chair, stating, "No report."

Liaisons must be members of the New Lawyers Section and the section they report on.

How long is my term as an NLS Liaison?

From September through June.

Acting as a liaison between the New Lawyers Section and other MSBA sections is a great way to get involved, learn and network. If you're interested in becoming a liaison, contact Jen Santini.

2013-14 Section Liaison Positions

Committees and Task Forces Sections
  • Diversity
  • Human Rights
  • Legislative
  • Life and Law
  • Membership Committee
  • Military Law
  • Mock Trial Advisory
  • Professionalism
  • Publications
  • Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Women in the Legal Profession
    Greta Rudolph, Malika Kanodia



  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Elizabeth Burns
  • Administrative Law Section
    Daphne Ponds
  • Agricultural & Rural Law Section
    Jason Thibodeaux
  • Animal Law Section
    Cathy Crane
  • Antitrust Section
  • Appellate Practice Section
    George Norris
  • Art & Entertainment Section
    Mitchell Billings
  • Bankruptcy Law Section
    Danielle Doocy
  • Business Law Section
    Jennifer Santini, Michael Herring, Malika Kanodia, Nicholas Cunningham
  • Children and the Law Section
    Meghan Refinski
  • Civil Litigation
    Stephanie Rubstello, Adam Matheson
  • Communications Law Section
  • Computer & Technology Law
    Mathea Bulander
  • Construction Law Section
    Steven Messick, Christopher Bub
  • Consumer Litigation Section
    Andrew Wold
  • Corporate Counsel
    Jame (Fritz) Hauschild
  • Criminal Law Section
    Landon Ascheman, Dan Kohler
  • Elder Law
    Adam Rohne
  • Employee Benefits
    Cynthia Campos
  • Environmental, Natural Resources, Energy Law
  • Family Law
    Michael P. Boulette, Larry McGee
  • Food and Drug Law
    Jada Fehn
  • General Practice, Solo and Small
    Joseph Larson
  • Health Law
    Jada Fehn
  • Immigration Law
    Matthew Streff
  • International Business Law
  • Labor & Employment Law
    Joe Larson, Michael Herring, Pamela Steinle
  • Military & Veterans Affairs
    Michael Herring
  • Outstate Practice Section
    • Richard Shea
  • Practice Management & Marketing
    Sam Edmunds
  • Probate and Trust Law
    Jennifer Santini, Nicholas Cunningham, Andrew Howard
  • Public Law Section
  • Public Utilities Section
    Peter Scholtz
  • Real Property Section
    Andrew Thompson
  • Social Security Disability Law
    Cynthia Campos, Kristen Gyolai
  • Tax Law
    Daniel Willing, Nicholas Cunningham, Andrew Howard



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