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E-Mail Discussion Group

A service of the MSBA and the Law Practice Management Committee
for members in solo practices and small firms

Why SoloSmall?

  • Ever wanted help for your practice?

Your first resort may be to call one of your friends in the profession. But what if all you get is an answering machine? Or what if the question is a bit obscure, something that only a few colleagues might have experience with?

  • About to make a big decision?

    You know how to research just about anything. But maybe you would like a second opinion. How about checking with others who have faced similar decisons?

  • Just want to share ideas with other lawyers in practices like yours?

    Sometimes it's not so much that you need an answer to a question, as that you want to bounce ideas off other people who work in settings similar to yours, and who know where you're coming from.

SoloSmall offers a forum for all of these.


  • Get fast answers to your specific questions.

  • Exchange referrals with other solos and small firms.

  • Connect with other lawyers from across Minnesota.

  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions with other Minnesota lawyers.

  • Learn time-saving and money-making tips.

  • Free and for members only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is SoloSmall?

SoloSmall is an e-mail discussion group. You can call it a "list" for short. This forum serves MSBA members in solo practices or small firms (up to 10 attorneys). Here you can ask questions about the wide range of subjects related to the practice of law in that setting.

SoloSmall works by automating the distribution of e-mail messages. When any member sends an e-mail to the SoloSmall e-mail address, i.e., to, the e-mail goes to all members subscribed to SoloSmall.

How Do I Sign Up for SoloSmall?

You can join simply by sending an e-mail message. It must be a plain text message, not formatted*.

1. Address the e-mail to:
2. Put two words, nothing else, in the body: subscribe solosmall

Alternatively, you can send a blank message to with the same effect.

How Do I Get SoloSmall Messages?

All you need is the ability to receive e-mail. Once you sign up for SoloSmall and are added as a member, you will begin to receive all SoloSmall e-mail messages.

How Do I Send Messages to SoloSmall's Other Members?

Just type up an e-mail message and address it to:

Your messages will promptly go to all members of the SoloSmall E-mail Discussion Group.


How Do I Unsubscribe from SoloSmall?

You may want to stop receiving SoloSmall messages for a number of reasons. You may be going on vacation, tied up in a big project, leaving the state, or just have decided that you don't want more e-mail.

Whatever your reason, it is not hard to unsubscribe. Remember that you can easily re-subscribe later to rejoin the group.

To unsubscribe, send a special e-mail message. Like any message sent to join or leave any e-mail list, it must be a plain text message, not formatted.*

1. Address the e-mail to:
2. Type this in the body:
unsubscribe solosmall


For unsubscribing, the e-mail address is different from the SoloSmall e-mail address. It is, not One goes to a daemon, the other to people. Please be careful in addressing your unsubscribe message. If you have any trouble unsubscribing, contact one of the people listed below.

Alternatively, you can send a blank message to with the same effect.

* "Plain text" does not mean "black, Courier, 10 point." It means that no font is specified at all. In plain text, what counts about an "a" is that it is the first letter of the alphabet; not what it looks like. In plain text, an "a" is an "a" is an "a," with no font specified. Any e-mail program that lets you italicize, underline, or bold letters in outgoing messages is sending formatted, not plain, text.

- Last Updated 9/20/04 -