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Public Law Section E-News

Fall 2012 | Volume XXI | Issue 1




2012 Awards of Excellence
On May 18, 2012, the Public Law Section presented its annual awards of excellence.  The following articles are from presentation comments made at the awards ceremony. |Part 1| |Part 2|

Hon. Diane Alshouse presenting an award to Hon. Kathleen Gearin

Justice Gildea presenting an award to Richard Slowes

2011-12 Annual Meeting
Hon. Todd Schoffelman
The Public Law Section’s Annual meeting once again took place at Hamline University at the Klaus Center, on May 18, 2012.  The attendees enjoyed a very good lunch and awards ceremony.  |Continue Reading|

Brockton Hunter

Hector Matascastillo

Executive Council Elections for 2012-13
Set out below are the results of the Executive Council Elections held at the Public Law Section Annual Meeting on May 18, 2012. |Continue Reading|

2012 Laws of Interest to Public Lawyers, Part II
Michele L. Timmons
A previous article published in the Public Law newsletter covered highlights of 2012 laws enacted by April 12, 2012.  This article highlights laws enacted after that date, during the remainder of the 2012 regular session. |Continue Reading|

2011-2012 Annual Report
Inta Sellars and Dana Banwer

Section Membership
As of April 25, 2012, the Public Law Section has 535 members.  This accounts for a 3.7% decrease in Section membership since July 1, 2011. |Continue Reading|

Eyes on the Courts
Corrine Heine, Jerry Hendrickson
Click here to read the following case summaries:

  • County of Washington v. City of Oak Park Heights, ___ N.W.2d ___ (Minn. S. Ct.) (A11-67, Aug. 8, 2012)

  • Grand American Restaurant Co. v. City of Saint Paul, A11-1124, Minn. Ct. App. (June 11, 2012), unpublished.

  • McCaughtry v. City of Red Wing, ___ N.W.2d ___ (Minn. Ct. App.) (A10-0332, June 11, 2012)

Public Service Projects:
Race for Justice and August Loaves & Fishes.
Click here for an update on the various public service projects the section is working on.

Plasticwear Crew

PB&J Crew

Public Attorneys on the Move and News from the Bench
Keep up with your colleagues and track new additions to the Bench.|Continue Reading|

Recipes for late Summer and Fall
Eileen Wells

Ice Cream in a Bag
Luscious Grape Salad

Data Practices Opinions Index
Mary Miller

Click here to view the data practice opinions index.

Upcoming CLEs and Credits Earned in 2011-12
Mary Miller

Click here to view upcoming CLE programs and the CLE credits earned for PLS-sponsored CLEs in 2011-12.

Issue Editor
Kim Buechel Mesun

Kim Buechel Mesun
Dana Banwer
Corrine Heine
Jerry Hendrickson
Mary Miller
Hon. Todd Schoffelman
Inta Sellars
Michele L. Timmons
Eileen Wells





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