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Honoring Minnesota's First Responders
8,580 Minnesota Heroes Served to Date!

"Attorneys lend a hand to emergency workers"
USA Today: April 22, 2008

"Minnesota lawyers launch 'Wills for Heroes' program"
Minnesota Public Radio: June 25, 2007)

"Montgomery First Responders receive free legal services"
(Law Technology News: September 2007, Vol. 14 No. 9)


"What an extraordinary group of volunteers that took the time out of their life to assist others in preparing something so important as a will.  My wife and I are extremely grateful that we were so fortunate to have been introduced to the "Wills For Heroes" program.  It was so easy and convenient.  What an amazing thing that you folks do.  THANK YOU for doing this for us and fellow public safety personnel."

Sean Thomas
Lieutenant, Forest Lake Fire


"My wife and I have always known that having a will is a necessity but is easily procrastinated on due to the unpleasant thoughts it brings forward. You have made this process easy to complete, no strings attached and no surprises. Once again thank you and your colleagues for providing this to me and my fellow Firefighters."

Jim Voelker
Captain, Rosemount Fire Dept

“This was an easy and painless opportunity to sit down with my wife to discuss planning for our future. Having two young children, this was important for our peace of mind. Thanks again!”

Sgt. Christopher House
Minneapolis Police Department
Juvenile Unit

"All First Responders should take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Getting a will made could be a complicated, expensive process. They streamline it, and bring it to you free of charge. You would befoolish to pass this service up."

Lt. Bob Kroll, Vice President
Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis

"It's wonderful what they're doing. We're fortunate they come right here at our convenience." Sharon said. "A will is something you give thought to or have in the back of your mind, but you get so busy helping others, it takes second place."

Joel and Sharon More were among the several
First Responders who received legal services Monday evening.
Joel has served 13 years with the Montgomery Fire Department
and ambulance services, while Sharon has been an ambulance
services member for 13 years and is in the police reserves.